Thursday, April 16, 2009

Holme is Where the Heart Is

When I was living in London, I once saw a woman walking down the street in this aahhmazing outfit. She was sporting a gold, vintage dress, a not-too-modern-but-awesome hairstyle, and a stride that made walking in 4 inch heels look easy. Me, being fashion handicapped, considered her to have achieved the near impossible: looking extremely elegant and casual at the same time. This was a woman who clearly had it together.

Does she have a checklist, I wondered? I imagined her preparing for the day, taking off the top of her pen with a quick snap, and actually running down a list of fashion to-do's. Perfect hair? check. Perfect shoes? check. Perfect dress. AND definitely check!

As I watched from my stoop, a passing woman stared in awe and declared what a beautiful dress this woman was wearing, then promptly inquired where it was from. Vintage dress woman, strutting about in an outfit that was not meant to blend in, gave no reaction at all. No smile, no quiet "thank you," no nod of acknowledgement, nada, zip, zilch. Eyes straight ahead, stride never faltering, and on her way she continued. Perhaps she was deaf or had some sort of social anxiety issue? Or perhaps she was merely checking off another item on her list? Snotty attitude? Oh, check!

This story doesn't have much to do with the pictures, but for some non-snotty, vintage and slightly used fun, check out Holme!
(Found via East Side Bride)


g/d said...

Thanks for the post!!!

All the best-

east side bride said...

I love the story :)

Jennifer said...

No problem Genevieve and thank you East Side Bride!

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