Monday, April 27, 2009

Healthy Monday: Can a Vegetarian Meal Ruin a Wedding?

"Can a vegetarian meal ruin a wedding?" A friend asked me this question a few months ago after she attended a strictly vegetarian wedding. Her words: "It was like eating in a school cafeteria, where you had to scrape gummy, over-done pasta out of an aluminum pan." It suddenly occurred to me that the poor bride will forever be known as "the girl with the horrible vegetarian wedding."

It's unfortunate that a bad meal can indeed become the focal point of what is to be remembered, but perhaps what's more unfortunate is the fact that, for this particular event anyway, it will forever be remembered as a horrible dinner because it was vegetarian, and not because of a faulty chef. It's no wonder vegetarian weddings catch such flack.

Elizabeth of One Barefoot Bride says, "We will likely serve some fish at the reception, depending on what's in season and sustainably caught (yeah, there's a whole 'nother bucket of issues with fish!). I've read various comments that you 'have to' serve meat at a wedding, but I think our guests know us well enough to know that this affair will not be your standard country club or banquet room affair, and they can flex enough to have one meat-free meal. That said, I don't know if anyone will really notice the absence of meat, because our caterer does such lovely things with food."

If you are a vegetarian bride and groom, don't let the naysayers thwart your catering decisions. It's your wedding and it's a celebration of not only your love for each other, but your morals and values as well. So if you don't believe in eating meat, don't serve it! But as illustrated in the first paragraph, find a caterer who has experience in vegetarian cuisine and your efforts will be rewarded with many happy guests.

Posted originally by Julie at Cincy Event Planning, the photos below are from a real wedding which had vegetarian fare catered by Maggiano's. Julie says, " The food was divine & trust me, no one went hungry!" Looks yummy to me!

photo credits: TM Photography


Anonymous said...

No, a vegetarian meal cannot ruin a wedding but poorly cooked and presented food can (meat or otherwise). I have a wedding for 150 (and I live in a meat and potatoes town) and it was all vegan and vegetarian. Not a soul was hungry or disappointed that they did not have chicken. One has to make sure that, like with any other meal, it is cooked with loved by an experienced professional. All food should be treated with respect and be presented to the guest as such. If the professional feels that pasta is the only option, then look elsewhere.

Emily said...

You would also have to believe that a bad attitude over what was served at a wedding might ruin it for someone as well.

Sorry, bitter bride here. It bothers me that people get their panties in a wad about food and such and can't remember why they are at a wedding.

Just feed them what you want to eat, if they don't like it, well, I would say it's not your problem then.

Flower Design Events said...

Nothing can truly spoil a wedding other than the bad behaviour of people

A. Marigold said...

What a shame. As a food lover in general, I would love to eat great vegetarian food at a wedding. Good food is just good food. But really bad food can just show disregard for your guests, and nobody wants that!

roopa said...

Unfortunately there are many people who think that vegetarian food is bad or unsatisfying. And unfortunately for me, there are going to be a lot of those people at my wedding. Unfortunately for them, they're only getting vegetarian food except for one chicken entree as part oaf a large buffet. Thankfully all the food we're getting is AMAZING so hopefully I won't get any boorish behavior or comments.

But seriously - what is wrong with people complaining about a vegetarian meal. It's one thing if the food is flat out bad, but meat can be bad, too. Some people are just so closed minded. Sigh.

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