Friday, March 6, 2009

Love Notes

I found this on Auburn and Ivory and was instantly intrigued. It's a book of love notes and sweet nothings that are handcrafted into a lovely little book. The purpose of it's creation was a quick pick me up for the recipient, but the concept could be applied to any sentimental occasion.

And her inspiration came from the beautiful love note book below, created by the gal behind Oh, Hello Friend.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have wonderful Spring like weather and don't forget to SPRING AHEAD! :)


christina said...

i love this. so sweet...i'm going to try to find a way to use an old recycled book to make an album for our sweet!

happy friday!

Amanda said...

I love her little notebook as well! It's my new guest book inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting!!! For sure I would love that. That would be a great inspiration for most people to continue loving... =)

Kristin said...

Hey, I just saw your blog listed in the 75 best wedding websites! Congrats, that is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

Just came across your blog and I find it very interesting and informative especially with wedding ideas. Keep up the good work! I'll check your blogs often, hope to see more updates from you.

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