Monday, March 30, 2009

Healthy Monday: Keeping a Journal

Although it may sound a bit second grade-ish, a journal offers more than just a place to doodle and write down mundane details of your day. Consider it a santuary for your thoughts and feelings; it aids in putting situations into perspective and, according to, it can act as a sort of meditative experience. For all you brides out there, a journal is a great place to jot down your ideas and inspiration, as well as release stress by expressing any frustration you're experiencing.

A few other thing Inbox Journal notes is how it can help you acheive your goals, simplify your life, clarify and strenghten relationships, learn about yourself, and become a better communicator.
Although keeping an electronic journal is wonderfully earth-friendly, a unique hand bound journal where you can actually touch pen to paper can be extremely gratifying.

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Second Photo - Incurable Hippie
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