Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Library Themed Wedding

This wedding, courtesy of Offbeat Bride, was all about sticking to super tight budget and keeping it true to the personality of the bride and groom. Both former bookstore employees and avid readers, the bride and groom chose to feature a library theme throughout their wedding. They recycled books from their own collection for the centerpieces and decor, sent save-the-date bookmarks, offered a vegetarian only menu, and created a book-ish table assignment poster, which uses less paper than individual cards for each guest.


{un}Veiled Vows said...

love* it* PS: You have been tagged!

Jayde said...

hi Diane! on a fashion crisis here, hope you can help. i posted some bridesmaids dresses on my site, and i really need your opinion on this:) hope you can drop by and check it out, thanks:)

nicole said...

this wedding is so cute! the couple is precious! also, you've been tagged!

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