Monday, February 16, 2009

Healthy Monday: All About Hair

Wedding day style doesn't start at the dress and end with your shoes. Unless of course, you want it to. But many feel their bridal hair style is just as important as the vows. And why not? After all, it will be immortalized in dozens of photos. So before giving you some eye candy for your own wedding day do, I'd like to give you a few tips and a resource on achieving healthy and manageable hair.

First off, don't overwash. As to how much is too much is really a matter of what kind of hair you have, but according to, overwashing can strip your hair of natural oils and dirt, which surprisingly all aid in helping to create manageable hair.

Second, take vitamins A,C, and E. You can get these in pill form, but if possible seek them out from their natural sources, such as dark leafy greens, almonds, and sunflower seeds. They'll restore health to your hair and you should see results within weeks.

And last but not least, go easy on the hair color or stay away from the ones with ammonia and PPD, both of which have been linked to certain cancers and respiratory problems. There are safer solutions, such as hair color with vegetable based dyes.

For more information, check out Beauty Basics: Healthy Hair, found at


Photo credits from top to bottom: Jessica Johnston, Lisa And James, Casey Cunningham, Fred Egan, Casey Cunningham, Richard Israel

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so gorgeous wedding dress ! i looooove it!

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