Monday, January 19, 2009

Healthy Monday: 8 x 8

Today's healthy living tip is a simple one: drink water!

For years, we've all heard the "8 glasses a day" or the "8 x 8" rule. And while many of us have it ingrained in our head, few of us heed the advice. (According to one study, that seems to be all that it is - "advice". Not doctor's orders or an essential dietary requirement, simply an "urban myth.") However, conventional wisdom tells us water aids in our health by cleaning out toxins, protecting our organs, lessening the burden on our kidneys, and carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells.

According to an article on Mayo Clinic , you don't need to actually down 8 glasses of water a day to make sure you're getting your full intake. Tomatoes and watermelons are actually about 90 percent water and many other liquids, such as juices and milk contain water. Not to mention it's inexpensive and calorie free, so switching your daily soda with a daily water might not be a bad idea!

Personally speaking, I think water does make a big difference in health. I feel healthier and I don't experience the sugar crashes and caffeine withdrawals I've experienced with sodas and coffee. Not to mention there is also one other small, but important fact: water is essential to our survival. We may be able to survive days, weeks, even months without food, but only two to ten days without water. I can't think of any living thing on this earth that can survive without water, so Mother Earth must know what she's doing.

Sources: Reuters, Survival Topics, Mayo Clinic
Photo credit: Miss_CM

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