Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Holiday Cards

Hope those of you who celebrate Christmas are having a wonderful holiday. And Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish readers as well. I hadn't planned on posting again for a few days, but I'm a little bored, and since I'm an uber geek and tend to work when I'm bored, I thought I'd share the cards I made for the Brooklyn Bride Card Swap. I was a little disappointed because I received only one card out of my four swap mates, so I think next year I'll spend less time making cards for strangers and more time making cards for friends and family. (Here's a shoutout to the lovely gal who did take the time to send a card.) Of course all of my cards were eco-friendly, made with either 100% recycled paper and/or scraps from invitations. The one in the bottom right is my favorite. It was made with the last set of scraps I had, which came from a recent client's save-the-dates.


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great! Did you take them yourself?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful cards!

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