Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Love these shoes!

Remember my last post about the potential harm of wearing high heels? Turns out it's a common topic and thankfully, there are two pretty smart girls out there who are going to make a lot of feet happy. No, they're not giving free foot massages! Emily and Jessica Leung of Hey Lady created an "anti-dyeable, actually danceable wedding shoe." There offer quite a few traditional bridal shoes (these are very cute), but what I like about the shoes above is that, unlike white, you will have a lot more opportunities to wear them in the future.


Bad Kid Productions said...

OMG I am in love! I am so excited to have read this post and I'm on my way to check out those badboys right now! Thanks!

Jen said...

Love these shoes too!!

Anonymous said...

Talk about something blue! How fun are these shoes. What a lovely idea to have a danceable shoe.

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