Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Beautiful Umbrellas

Those fancy umbrellas are really fun, especially when they're bona fide vintage! Bella Umbrella offers an expansive collection of vintage umbrellas, available in many styles, for rent and purchase. They also offer a signature collection of artisan umbrellas, available for purchase only. Unless you plan on keeping your umbrella(s) forever and ever, we think renting is better - you're able to reduce waste and purchase carbon offsets to account for the shipping.


Amanda said...

I'm still in denial that there may be rain at my Oregon beach wedding. I think I might need to play it safe and pick up a few of these. Especially if they're vintage!

Anonymous said...

Bella is near me in WA and I used them for my own wedding. The owner is passionate about what she does and it shows. When I rented a few umbrellas for my wedding (we're in the NW, rain is always inevitable) they looked brand new. And better yet, she ships them to you and you ship them back so very easy and convenient.

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