Friday, December 19, 2008

Bake Your Own Cake

DIY weddings are big right now. I'm guessing it has something to do with the economy being tighter and people wanting to exercise their creative abilities. So when my mom sent me this wedding cake recipe, I thought all you brave DIYer's out there would appreciate it as well. Surprisingly, it doesn't look that hard and according to the reviews, it's a pretty darn good cake!

If you plan on making your own cake, keep these considerations in mind:
  • You will need help
  • You may need to transport it
  • You will need to make it a few days before the wedding, when stress levels could be high
With that said, if you have the patience and the time management skills, I say go for it! You can pick your own ingredients and save a lot of money at the same time. Plus, when you tell people you're baking your own wedding cake and they poo poo your idea (and you know some will), you can rub it in their face later by not giving them any at the wedding! Kidding, kidding!

Picture above is from Foodolution's Cake Decorating Techniques.


Katherine said...

You don't necessarily need to make your cake a few days before the wedding. You could make it a week or two ahead of time & freeze it. That way all you would need to do would be to make the frosting & put it together- still stressful, if you're the bride, but not *as* stressful.

And in re: to transporting, if you are planing on doing this, do not put it together until you get to the venue! (Unless your cake is fondant, I guess. but I don't know anything about fondant, so :))

Jennifer said...

I was hoping someone would chime in with some more insight, so thank you Kat for the correction and the tips!

indianapolis wedding cakes said...

Anyway , I can follow the above conditions for making of wedding cake. Because i have the patience and the time management skills.

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