Monday, November 24, 2008

Healthy Monday: These feet were made for walking

We women love our shoes. Specifically our high heels. Our feet could practically be screaming with discomfort and we still won't take them off. But get this.

Wearing high heels physically forces our bodies into a potentially detrimental position.

What does this mean exactly? Well, let's see, here are just a few of the shoe-related foot problems that could await you in the future: bunions (mmm, sexy), knee and back problems, hammertoes (also sexy) - this is a permanent bend in the middle joint of a toe, neuromas - nerve problems that cause shooting pain into the toes, and sexiest of all, ingrown toenails! Sheesh! Now, believe me, I am not suggesting we all start burning our heels. H-E double hockey sticks no way! However, it's probably a good idea not to wear them everyday. And if you're looking for something cute and comfortable to dance the night away at your reception, no need to fret! Wear heels for the ceremony and switch to comfy flats afterwards. These Kate Spade slippers are adorable. According to Liene at Blue Orchid Blog, word on the street is that London Sole are the comfiest ballet flats around! Still gotta wear the heels? Okay, check out these from The Walking Company or get a pair with a chunky heel.

Do you have any comfortable shoe recommendations? Please don't hesitate to share them by leaving a comment!

Resource: Flat Facts About Heels
Picture from Victoria's Secret


carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

Oh yes, I have a great problem with high heels. I love them but they are so painful! But if I switch to comfy flats afterwards, what do I do with the dress or pants dragging on the floor? :)

Amanda said...

I kicked my heel addiction about a year ago and my feet have been thanking me ever since! I went from wearing them every day of the week to about once every two weeks. With such an enormous option of cute flats, who needs heels anyway? ;)

Nicole said...

I can't stay upright if I wear heels, my mom always said that I just needed to practice but I don't think you should have to practice wearing shoes! So I'm wearing either vans slip-ons or converse for my wedding!

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