Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Gift for your Groom

Every man is different when it comes to his wallet. Some keep 'em neat and tidy, promptly removing all receipts at the end of every week and then filing them away in color coded file folders. Some cram them full of stuff, only purging the unneccessary contents when it no longer fits in their back pocket. But regardless of a man's affection for his wallet, sometime a new one is just what he needs. Hmm...one might even make a perfect wedding day gift, don't you think?

I found DBClay via The DailyGreen. DbClay creates "high-style wallets and accessories out of Tope." Tope is an eco friendly material, similar to a vinyl canvas, but void of the harmful chemicals most often found in vinyl based products.

A few eco friendly facts about tope:
  • pvc free
  • made from non toxic raw materials
  • free of chlorine chemicals
  • vegan and animal free
  • fabricated in a pollutant free process
Visit the Daily Green article about DBClay to get the code for their 25% reader discount!

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Anonymous said...


what a gift for groom!!!!!!!!

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