Thursday, April 10, 2008

For your weekend...

This Friday is a little different. I'm straying a little from my usual posting routine to provide you with a list of interesting and fun links, found on, to keep you busy over the weekend. I must forewarn you, Tango can be slightly...addicting. I was recently introduced to the dishy blogging site via e-mail and I ended up spending way too much time reading an abundance of eyebrow raising posts.

So without further delay, let the fun begin!

Now, maybe I'm just not in "the know", you know? But I had never heard of the C-string. It's a headband for your butt. Seriously... Read here

This hails from my home state, Georgia. Bury your ring for $29.95...Read here

And this one is great. We've all been in a fight with our hubby or fiance over something silly at some point. Read here about this bride-t0-be's fight over rice.

The best for last! Hold on to your hair, er, I mean hats for this one. There's something from the 80's that may be on it's way to making a comeback. Read here...


MixMingleGlow said...

ooooooooh, I had never heard of this site but wanted to tell you that I have spent waaaaay too much time perusing it!
Thanks for sharing!
Love it!!

Jennifer said...

No problem Robyn, glad you like it! :)

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