Sunday, March 9, 2008

Muse Weddings

Planning a wedding is a full time job, especially if you're planning it yourself. And I speak from experience when I say I know how overwhelming it can be. If you want to keep any semblance of sanity, I highly suggest organizing everything you can. And one great website to help you do just that is Muse Weddings. Muse has received quite a bit of buzz lately and for good reason. It lets you set up your tasks lists, budget, ideas, and schedules all in one nifty spot, and you can access it from any computer. No need to worry about finding a great idea while surfing the net at work, which I'm sure you NEVER do, and then forgetting to add it to your idea list at home. It's also great for budgets. I know a lot of brides use other budgeting tools out there, but Muse is worth a try. It will not only let you set up a budget, but it also lets you take a "snapshot" of multiple budgets and write down notes from each vendor.

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