Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chic, Sophisticated, and Green!

Inspired by Nibs and Snippet and Ink's current project, "Can this outfit be turned into a wedding?", I have created a similar type of wedding inspiration board. Except mine is based on just one accessory, a chic and sophisticated vintage handbag (top left) found at Posh Vintage.

The cake and the flowers are the only thing that aren't necessarily "green," but they could easily be made so just by using organic ingredients and organic flowers. Also, using less flowers, as this centerpiece does, is always better than using more. A full list of credits are below so you can peruse where each element came from.

Wedding Cake, MS Weddings; Earrings, Zanisa.com; Invitation, OblationPapers.com; Green Drink, Cool Eatz; Convertible Dress found via Eco-Chic Weddings, Lady Peacock on Etsy; Flowers found on theknot.com; pre owned wedding dress by Encore Bridal.


Kathryn said...

How fun! I love that clutch!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Kathryn! So do I!

One Love Photo said...

Love the new blues hues for weddings this year. The cocktail dress is stunning! This is overdue but here are some links to the cabbage and succulent bouquets featured on my blog:



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