Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Bluschalicious Giveaway!

In my opinion, Real Simple Weddings, the new magazine by Real Simple, really broke the mold in respect to the design of a typical bridal magazine. The pages are wonderfully uncluttered, thoughtfully organized, and beautifully put together...essentially it's "Real Simple!"
And now you can get your very own copy by entering the "Real Simple Details Giveaway!" over at Blushalicious! All you have to do is submit your own favorite wedding details from either your own wedding or all the ones you've been to. Good Luck

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Kena said...

There's an overall "elegant DIY" theme going through our wedding, because we wanted to avoid a "mass-produced" feeling. So we have many homemade touches, including homemade invitations.

Starting from a photograph of my fiance and I (taken on the day he proposed), I carved a linocut portrait of both of us, which was then block-printed on watercolor paper for our invitations. That way, every invitation is a miniature work-of-art.

The watercolor paper is not recycled, unfortunately, but we're skipping RSVP cards and envelopes to reduce waste.

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