Monday, November 5, 2007

Ethically Beautiful!

Some of you have probably already noticed a few other eco blogs give the jewelry boutique, Ingle and Rhode a little shout out...well, I'm joining them today. So I apologize in advance if some of you are having déjà vu, but I was so impressed with their beautiful, stylized pieces that I honestly couldn't resist.
I really love how different their collections are from other jewelers out there. They carry everything from wedding and engagement rings to bracelets to cuff links and mens rings. I also really love their website. It's very easy to navigate and they have great big pictures available of all their jewelry. Perhaps on a different (bigger?) note, they are committed to the environment in helping to resolve the three greatest challenges facing the jewelry industry:"human exploitation, environmental damage, and conflict or blood diamonds." They only buy diamonds which they can trace back to their source, their platinum is 100% recycled, they work with only proven ethical suppliers, and they donate 10% of their profits to health and education projects which support the communities they trade with.

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