Thursday, October 18, 2007

Zero Waste Tip #5: Food and Photography

It's Friday! Yaay!! And it's the final day in a series of posts about how to plan a zero waste wedding. I'm concluding with some simple tips on how to help make your menu and photography plans "zero waste" friendly.

First off, in regards to food, seek out a caterer or venue that specializes in creating menus with organic and locally grown foods. This cuts down on pollutants created by transportation and also helps support your local economy. And if you have leftover meals or goodies afterwards, donate them to a local shelter.

In regards to photography, choose a photographer who uses all digital. This shouldn't be a problem these days. Many photographers use digital cameras, photo editing software, and online albums to get your photos to you. You can even go the extra step by requesting your pictures only on CD and then printing them at home on a photo printer. Some brides just prefer to have their friends use their digital cameras and then upload them all to a photo sharing site, such as Flickr and Photobucket.

I hope this little series has encouraged some of you to have a zero waste wedding or at least incorporate some of the ideas into your own weddings. It just takes a little common sense and a lot of recycling!

Happy Friday Everyone!

(picture from Flickr member, Swingfu)

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