Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pretty! Eco Friendly Clothing!

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Did you know that during the 17th century, farmers in some U.S. states were required by law to grow hemp? And that hemp was also legal tender-you could actually pay your taxes with it!? ( Of course, I don't think this means farmers walked around all day smoking their currency, but it does make you re-think the phrase, "its burning a whole in my pocket." hehe
Anyway, from what I've read, there is a big difference between industrial hemp and marijuana. But you know what, even if there isn't a difference, at least we can still make some kickass clothing from it. Just look at Sweetgrass Fibers! All of their clothes are either made from naturally pesticide resistant hemp or organically grown cotton and come in some beautiful colors, such as "peridot", "eggplant", and "mango."

Now, they certainly can't do that with beer or cigarettes and yet, those are legal. So go figure!

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Anonymous said...

I love beautiful, friendly clothing. My wardrobe is growing hemp, organic cotten, bamboo with the fabulous clothes over at Texture.

Yay for great clothes!

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