Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Not That Kind of Grass!

Wow! Who knew grass could be sooo....pretty! These are some great ways to incorporate wheat grass into your wedding, which is a very good alternative to the traditional decor for a few reasons. One, it's very budget friendly. You can buy a growing kit that contains 5 lbs of wheat grass for around $30 online. Two, you can grow it at home even in the smallest apartment or studio. And three, it's organic! And I suppose if you really wanted to, you could always blend it and drink it afterwards. I should have mentioned that in my zero waste decor post! Drinkable centerpieces! hehe. Quite frankly, wheat grass juice has never looked very appealing to me. Has anyone else tried it? I might be more willing to give it a go if I knew it tasted better than it looked.

photo credits:
top: R Jack Balthazar
middle left: I Do Click Weddings
middle right: Knottie PDXDFWbride
bottom left: Design Mom
bottom right: Flickr Gingar55

1 comment:

Aletha | Pearls Events said...

Love the grass as decor. It's such a beautiful color as well. Love it!

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