Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I've been Green Tagged!

I've been blog tagged! Twice in the same day, from Rhonda at Our Wedding Plus and Melissa at Masterpiece Weddings. My blog is feeling very special today! :)

This is the (insert forest sounds here and fade in narrator with echo)...."GREEEEN TAAAAAG"....'s how it works: I share 3 ways I try to minimize my impact on the environment and then I continue the game by "tagging" five other bloggers.

number 1: I recycle everything I can. I love to recycle. But since everyone says that, let me give another number 1.

NEW number 1: I make sure to turn off all electronics, computers, fans, lights, printers, speakers, air conditioning, heaters, t.v. etc...when I'm not in the room/not at home/outside, etc... I have to admit, I only do this about 90% of the time, but I can assure you when I leave the room and the fan is still on, a little nagging voice attacks my brain and I eventually go back and turn it off.

number 2: I have a composter (the Tumbleweed Tumbler to be exact), which I use to compost things like vegetable and fruit scraps, grass clippings, and leaves. Composting is great because you are able to give back to the earth and reduce waste.

number 3: We save a lot of our "grey" water. Every time we turn the water on in the kitchen, we let the water collect in a bucket underneath the faucet, which we then transfer to a larger bucket outside. We use this water for bathing. KIDDING! No, we use it to water our plants and trees. I have to say that my mom actually started doing this before I did, so KUDOS to mom!

And that's about it folks. I conclude with a little photo of my bird baths! Oh, and the five bloggers I am tagging, apologies if you've already been tagged:

Eco-Chic Weddings
This is the awesome blog of Emily Anderson. As a former event designer at Martha Stewart Living, she has the eye and knack for all things beautiful and eco-chic for your wedding!

Martha Stewart Weddings: The Brides's Guide
This is a lovely blog from the Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Living, Darcy Miller. Full of beautiful wedding inspiration and some great behind the scenes photos!

Ikea Hacker
Imagine a place of everything Ikea...but repurposed. This is a great site, especially to get inspiration on what to do with old furniture.

Orange Beautiful
I love how calm and pretty this site is.

A $10,000 Wedding

Great for the low budget, but stylish bride.

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Thank you for keeping my Green Challenge going! I'm pulling a list of all the people who have participated in the challenge on my blog. All my best! Oh, and great tips.


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