Sunday, October 7, 2007

Don't lose those reply cards!

Treat your guests to a wedding website! Websites are great and earth friendly for a couple of reasons. One, you eliminate the need to use extra paper in your invitations. Rather than include a whole separate card for your map, reception information, and accommodation information, you can simply direct all your guests to your website. Second, you can let guests RSVP on your website. This reduces the need for a reply card, but it also takes a lot of the hassle out of keeping track of who has replied, who's eating the vegetarian meal, and you won't have to worry about anyone's reply getting lost in the mail. With all the details involved in wedding planning, why not make your life a little easier?
Interested in a wedding website? Head on over to Our Wedding Plus. Rhonda is offering 20% off their websites right now (enter coupon code fallsale) and they have some beautifully designed customizable templates. Here are just a few features available at Our Wedding Plus that I thought were pretty useful. You can send e-mails just to those pesky procrastinators who haven't replied yet, giving them a friendly reminder that the requested reply date was two days ago. Also, guests can only accept the invitation for the number of people you invite. And we've all heard horror stories about how someones second cousin tried to bring 5 dates. Lastly, whereas some brides do not consider it proper etiquette to include the gift registry on the invitation, most will agree it's okay to include the link on the website.


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