Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Organic Apple Pie..Errr..Wedding Cake!?

MMmmm....apples... I don't even like caramel covered apples that much, but these pictures make me crave them! Although long considered a favorite food staple of the state fair, along with the funnel cake...(mmm...funnel cakes....sorry for the Homer Simpson vibe going on here, but I really love sweets), the caramel covered apple is also quite the crowd hit at weddings.
So why not let these treats take the cake at your wedding? Literally! With a little creativity and imagination, you can easily forgo the wedding cake and offer up yummy organic caramel covered apples instead, purchased locally if possible. Or if you're willing to brave the work yourself, ask your wedding party to help you make them. has the low down on how to create the basic caramel covered apple, in case you're like me and have no idea. If you like the idea, but feel apples instead of a cake is a big no-no, then check out Martha Stewart's incredibly easy and incredibly cute mini candied apples.

Photo's were all found on Flickr. Credits in Order from Top to Bottom: disneymike, sadalit, iheartbabyjr, and jamesjyu.


Melissa DiStefano said...

I think these are such a great idea for a wedding, and thanks- I've been craving caramel apples since yesterday!

Jennifer said...

Hah! Sorry! I know what you mean. I was never the biggest fan of caramel apples, but I've been craving them too. Maybe it has something to do with Halloween coming up! :)

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