Monday, September 3, 2007

Earth Friendly Gifts!

When it comes to giving bridal party gifts, every bride is different. Some like to go the DIY route while others others might prefer the engraved keepsake route. While all those ideas are lovely, another type of gift to consider is the fair trade one. Sure, we've all heard of fair trade, but you may be wondering what it is exactly. Fair Trade is the act of providing farmers and artisans living in less advantaged countries with fair wages, good working conditions, long term economic sustainability, and the opportunity to have a decent income. Giving a fair trade gift not only allows you to give your bridesmaids something unique and handmade, but also provides support for the artisan who made it and the organizations who foster fair trade. Fortunately, there are many companies that exclusively sell fair trade items, including some really great online boutiques. One such shop is Global Girlfriend which sells unique fair trade items made exclusively by women, including the pocket mirror pictured above. And check out World of Good, another online store dedicated to selling fair trade items. Click here to read more about the pink pocket mirror. And click here to read more about the candle holder and here to read more about the scarf, both available at World of Good.

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