Monday, May 21, 2012

My Apologies + Farm Tables

Oh gawd peoples, I was such a horrible blogger last week. Gone! Without a trace, I was! Please forgive me, folks. My hubby and I have been looking at homes, which involved a lot of driving around last week, and that coupled with my daughter being sick early in the week all made for one frazzled mama.

So anyway, we put an offer down on a foreclosure on Friday. The wait to see if our offer was accepted will take a couple of days, but hopefully we'll know by Monday. I'm really nervous - nervous we'll get the house and nervous we won't, haha! In any case, I'll keep you all updated on what happens.

Alright, so I doubt you came here to read all about my house hunting issues, and unfortunately I can't even think of a good way to use it to transition to a new topic, so let's just jump right into something else, shall we? I've been thinking lately how hard it would be to dabble in wood working. Granted, I've never really done any wood working except for when I went to summer camp and made half a rain stick, but I do admire those who seem to attain carpentry skills. If I could, I would make a beautifully large farm table from reclaimed wood. These folks did it. Maybe one day I will, too!

BNG Industries

The Homegrown Shop

 Uncle Brian

Lorimer Antiques

Brooklyn Farm Table


wedding dj services toronto said...

The place is cozy and well modeled.

Layla Mayville said...

My future dream house will hopefully have one of the tables!!!!

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