Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An eco-friendly office isn't hard to manage, but keeping it clean is another story.

The above is not my home office, although it's quite an envious space.
Found at Apartment Therapy. (Where else? AT is the bomb!)

I just got off the phone with a very sweet customer who patiently listened to me explain the Earthly Affair customization process while I simultaneously tried to extract a pad of paper from my six month old's mouth. In fact, you could actually say my baby ate my to-do list (I tweeted a pic too.) Suffice to say, my whole office needs cleaning up. It's duhty and I don't mean that in a cool, sexy Lady Gaga kind of way. I have been on the lookout, perusing Pinterest, when time allows, trying to find inexpensive, yet stylish ways to get things organized. But while I may be a bit messy, I do keep things eco-friendly. Here are a few ways you can keep your home office eco-friendly too:

  • Kind of common sense, but... turn off all the lights and equipment at the end of the day. Or, if you're like me and your day doesn't really end until 12 or 1 am, then put your computer into sleep or hibernate mode in the evening or afternoon.
  • A stuffy office needs... some plants! They're pretty and they help clean the air. I got an inexpensive one from Kroger!
  • Get a box... and label it as the recycle bin, Then tape a list of what can be recycled next to it. If you share an office or have eco-inept roommates, this is an easy way for them to help with your recycling efforts. My recycle bin is an old Ikea clothing box.
  • Kill the paper... and stop using so much of it. I'm slowly making the transition to an online to-do list. There are a few online programs and apps to help you do this, but my favorite is Remember The Milk. It helps me stay organized and up to date via my iPhone or computer.
  • Be a voyeur... and keep the blinds open! Light up your office with the rays from the sun, not from a light bulb. I have a little window in my office, but when the sun goes down, I use a desk lamp with a compact flourescent bulb.
  • Be thrifty... and scour consignment stores, thrift stores, or re-purpose old furniture from around the house for your office. My work table is an old kitchen table from my in-law's home.
Do you have any eco-friendly tips for keeping the home office more manageable? Sharing is caring! Tell me your ideas!

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