Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Winter Wedding Inspiration at Etsy

The amount of wedding inspiration you can find on the internet is amazing. And I know you're just looking for something to do while your boss is out on his two hour lunch. Etsy is a wonderful place to peruse goodies and pass the time at work if you have that kind of cushy job. And you can really hone in on useful wedding paraphenalia by visiting Etsy's Handmade Weddings feature. Their most recent post features a beautiful array of Winter wedding awesome-ness!


Paula@DreamWeddingItaly said...

Or if your job IS weddings ;) Etsy is great and there are some mega talented people on there

wedding invitation kits said...

Thank you for the great tip about Etsy's. Winter colors are spectacular and some of my favorites! said...

Love the Etsy finds and that boutonniere with its colors are perfect for fall!

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