Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Small Quantity Fashion

First off, thank you everyone for your wonderful comments about the arrival of our baby girl! We feel so blessed to be able to share our love for her with you! Life has taken us down a path of poopie diapers and burp cloths, and I have to say I never quite fathomed just how much work a baby is, but it's all 100% worth it. So please understand and forgive me if I don't have new posts up everyday, but I'll aim to at least bring you something interesting and different when I do have a post for you. I plan to really get back in the swing of things in the next couple of months.

Now, on to business! Got a hard-to-shop-for groom or best man (or even bridesmaid)? Makr Carry Goods offers a high end, J.Crew-ish kind of fashion, but which carries a more unique, less mass produced feel. Made by a small group of local artisans, Makr utilizes a family owned factory for production and manufactures their product in smaller quantities in order to ensure quality and consistency.

1 comment:

Erica said...

Love the backpack. As a mom I have to carry a bunch of stuff around all the time and the backpack looks like it can hold a lot of things while still being stylish.

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