Monday, June 21, 2010

Real Eco-Wedding Venue: Boston

Today we're taking a break from the regular Healthy Monday posts and instead I'd like to share with you a beautiful, eco-friendly venue based in Boston!

Boston, Boston, Boston! I love Boston! I only had the opportunity to travel their once as a teenager, but I remember my Quincy market trip vividly. There is a certain vibe that enraptures the whole city and if I could live somewhere else besides my lovely Atlanta, Boston would be it. I came across this unique venue at the Earthy Delights blog, where I was drawn in by big, beautiful windows. In my opinion, you can just never have enough windows and the loft style venue, Artists for Humanity EpiCenter, an LEED Platinum Certified building, has got them a plenty. Natural light provides the human spirit with feelings of warm and fuzzies. No joke!

Take the sustainability tour of the EpiCenter!


Paula@DreamWeddingItaly said...

Wow! Love the minimalist, airy look and the way that has been kept constant with the decor. Very nice! Definitely a great venue to get creative and express yourself, it's quite the blank canvas.

Dynamite Weddings said...

What a great location! I love how you can be so creative with the open space!

andré blais said...

What an awesome venue!!
Andre Blais Boston Wedding Photographer

Batemans Bay Accommodation said...

Beautiful!! I like it so much. Thanks!

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