Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gathering Inspiration Through Photos

The internet is a fantastic place to gather free and unique inspiration for your own wedding or event. Research color palettes, get menu ideas, examine decorative floral examples, the possibilities of endless. One of the best places to peruse interesting images is Flickr. And did you know you can create your own "faves" folder? I've got one here, which you are welcome to look through. Not surprisingly, I have a flair for the vintage and a love of neutral and bold colors alike. What do your favorite photos say about you?

Top Photo: Reya, Bottom Left: Reya, Bottom Right: Gordana AM

1 comment:

Paula@DreamWeddingItaly said...

Love your faves folder... its a great way of having a mood board without having to spend money on magazines and waste paper by cutting bits out and throwing the rest away. Also, it's easy to show to vendors if you are trying to explain a concept!

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