Monday, November 14, 2011

Wash The Stress Away

Photo from Nationaal Archief

Wedding planning is riddled with tough choices. You know what I'm talking about. It may be as simple as choosing which meals to serve or as difficult as cutting the number of invitees to stay within your budget. The stress of these decisions can cause nightmares of tuxedo wearing steaks chasing you with fiery menus or unhappy guests hiring the wind gods to blow down your wedding.

Okay, now I realize this will sound weird, but a study done at the University of Michigan found that you may indeed be able to "wash your hands" of the lingering tension involved in making stressful choices. Researchers found that participants who washed their hands felt less remorse, and less need to justify their choice, after having to make a decision between two appealling options. The article states, "washing may help decision-makers by scrubbing away mental turmoil."

I honestly think there is probably some merit to this concept. I wonder though, if you ever have to make a ton of tough decisions in one day, would hand washing be enough? Maybe that's when you just take a shower? :)

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