Monday, May 17, 2010

Finding Your Retro Color Palette

I've really been loving all the retro styled weddings I've seen lately on the interwebs. (Green Wedding Shoes has a wonderfully creative collection of vintage weddings.) Whether you are an eco-chick or not, if you decide to go the retro route, the first, and least expensive, step to creating your own retro/vintage wedding is to choose your color palette.

So where does one go for retro color inspiration? If your grandma's house hasn't changed much since 1975, that would be a good place to start! (Seriously!) Pop in a Mad Men dvd and check out what the office gals are wearing. You can also visit a flea market or antique store to get a general idea of what colors would have been popular during a certain era. Of course, if you're a computer literate woman with a penchant for the past (and aren't we all in some way), there are more than a few awesome websites to get your color inspiration: The Vintage Ad Browser, Colour Lovers Retro Palettes, Mad Men's Fashion File, Vintage Clothing and Accessories, and Celebration of Vintage and Retro Design.

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Dream Wedding Italy said...

I like the market idea. Markets are great places for inspiration in general I find, and you can snap up some bargains in the process!

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