Thursday, April 1, 2010

Re-Post: Little Vases in Little Places

I wasn't planning on having a re-post, but both of my dogs got into a small bag of raisin and nut mix today (which, mind you, was packaged in a cardboard box, inside heavy plastic, and then inside another bag as well.) Similar to how prisoners escape jail by spending months digging out a tunnel with a kitchen fork, this must have been a carefully executed week long project for the dogs. Biting away at this box of goodies when no one was looking, the glory of that which is human food being their sole motivator. Anyway, raisins are toxic to dogs, so I had to make an emergency trip to the vet, who promptly made my pups puke. Lovely, I know, but I think it worked. So now I am exhausted. Maybe more mentally, than physically, but the effect is the same. Not to mention I had a wasp hastily creep its away into my studio this afternoon. I honestly think the very act of me wildly slapping at the insect with a paper bag, doing what probably looks like a little square dance whilst drunk was probably very funny. I'm thinking sitcom-worthy material here. But I digress... Enjoy the lovely eye candy. :)

Photo Credits from top to bottom: Becky731 * Fraley Tera * Ann Wade Parrish via Snippet and Ink * Lepiaf.Geo *


Kristin @ bridal buzz said...

Well this is new to me, so thanks for the re-post! :) Love the images and simple-chic ways to display some early spring blooms! :)

Jen said...

simple and lovely! The way I like things best!

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