Friday, April 30, 2010

For Friday

As I write this, I am sitting in a Starbucks while my car is being serviced. I am pleased to see this cute little demonstration of re-use on my table. (Sorry for the crappy cell pic.) It's a fairly good example of how creative you can be with your floral display. And this holds true for your home or your wedding. Although a bit more pricey than using a tin can, Pigeon Toe Ceramics creates really great pieces, usable for your own floral arrangements. They derive their style from "homegrown, depression era aesthetics," which might sound kind of, well, depressing, but I believe the simplistic nature of each piece is refreshing and can help create uniformity within your decor. Hmm...that sounds like the graphic designer coming out in me. Have a great weekend everyone!

Pretty, Thrifty, and Easy has a great DIY video on floral arrangements.

Thanks to Glue and Glitter's recent blog comment, I am all over this eco-disposable dinnerware made of fallen leaves.

Mint Cows. Cool.

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Rachel said...

I adore your friday list and have gotten so many great finds through it. Love love the DIY flower video. And ... my mint cows are here?? How cool! Thanks much.


Glue and Glitter said...

Oh, cool! I'm glad you're into the VerTerra. I think it's such a cool solution. Are you planning to compost the dishes?

Luigi | Rack Card Printing said...

You know it's nice to realize so many things and notice cool things when you are alone in a cafe sipping a coffee. So cool.

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