Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fair Trade Registry

If you're opting for an offbeat registry, check out Seven Hopes United. They offer a beautiful array of fairly traded, handmade items that might make a nice supplement to your traditional registry. Above are some of my favorite products. Love Bowl, Teak Cutting Board, and Meadow Duvet Cover.

Are you registering and if so, are you doing at a big box store, like Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or considering a small, independent, or local company?


rachel said...

Instead of registering, we made a page on our wedding web-site explaining that we are saving for a down payment. We displayed a photo of the town where we want to live, and asked that our guests make our dream come true in helping us with the down payment. so its a "down payment registry" if you will.

I figure, I already have what I need in terms of cooking. Plus, we want to move into a town house, and so we don't really have that much space!

JD said...

We're using wishpot.com because we could wish for the big big box stuff we wanted and mix in some things you just can't get at a big box registry, like some things off my etsy wishlist and a share of a CSA.

Sara - PrettyThriftyandEasy.blogspot.com said...

Although I like the idea of doing a local store more than Target, we are doing the web-page as well. I'm not 'exactly' sure how it's going to work, but my 'idea' is to put a list of things related to our honeymoon or home items we need (i.e. dinner for two by the beach at X restaurant in the Riviera Maya - estimated cost $200 or Crystal bowl set - estimated cost $X). Then include a link to our PayPal account and people can either tell me what they are contributing $ to, or they can buy what we are asking for. That way a cash gift is more personal and the gift is what we want without saying 'buy me this exact one from this exact store'. I'd rather get a crystal bowl set my friends found at a unique store or thrift shop than get one I randomly scanned at Macy's. I don't know, I find registries to be awkward. Who is really going to buy me a hideous gift without a gift receipt besides my one random aunt....? Thoughts on that?

Sarah said...

I love this idea. I think that it is also a great idea for the super "green" couple to ask their guests to pledge to neutralize their carbon footprint!

Dynamite Weddings said...

I love this idea and this bed spread is gorgeous!!!!

Jennifer said...

Rachel - A home is so much more important than another mixer, toaster, or set of spatulas. Hopefully the stigma against monetary wedding gifts is changing.

JD - Great idea! I love Wishpot.

Sara - This is an interesting idea. I'm not sure how receptive people will be to donating money to your paypal account, especially some of the older, more traditional guests. Perhaps you could set up a supplement wedding registry online, such as MyRegistry.com or Wishpot.com, which allows you to register for more unique things found at most any online store.

Sarah - Excellent point! There are so many online organizations that allow you to offset your carbon footprint, it would be ridiculously easy for most guests to do. CarbonFund.org is one of my favorites.

Dynamite Weddings - I also love this bed spread. I think it's actually a duvet cover, but it has such a warm, happy feel about it.

Marianna said...

Yeahy! We actually have a myregistry.com gift list but a good part of it features items from Seven Hopes United. I definitely hope guests will visit their store even after our wedding - it's a great cause!

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