Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Place for Cupcakes and Cakes

Are cupcakes outdated these days? I remember a time when it seems they were all the rage. Whatever the case, they are still might tasty and I say they should make an appearance at your wedding if you are a true cupcake fan. And true fans need a little cupcake stand too. Okay, to be honest, a cupcake stand isn't the most practical gift, but the ones at Whitney Smith Pottery sure are adorable. And so are the cake stands!


Sara said...

So cute! and I love cupcakes... how could they ever be out of style and little nibbles of awesome at the same time?

Giovanna said...

i love that cake stand with the flowers! it's got this vintage feel and it would look perfect in my kitchen. sigh, i'd only be able to justify it if i started baking cakes. :)

Sweet Greens said...

Lovely. Lovely. Lovely.

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