Friday, February 5, 2010

Re-Wine Your Wedding

Candles are a spectacular way to add a little ambiance to your wedding. Of course, it's best to check with your venue first (not all venues allow candles) and don't place them next to any absent minded guests who like to have one too many. They might catch their hair on fire. Alright, that probably won't happen, just be careful where you place them. :)

Pictured above is a soy candle housed in a glass container that was once a wine bottle! Found at GreenerLandz on Etsy. Perhaps this is something they could do with the wine bottles left over from your own wedding? That might be a neat keepsake for your mantle.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you!


Beth said...

I love this idea -- because wine bottles come in all different colors and sizes and you can even probably put a decorative wrap around it for more pizzazz.

Colleen said...

GREAT idea!! We are definitely taking note for the bottles left over from our wedding!

Anonymous said...

wow this is such a beautiful idea! the wine bottles must give off a rich glow!

I love love love your blog! it truly inspires me!

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