Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Cake Eye Candy

Here are some interesting cakes I came across on Nine29 Photography's site. I really love the first one with the owl toppers, which I actually found first on Backyard Bride. I'm honestly not sure where the tradition of a cake topper came about, but it's fun to see what quirky and unique ideas couples come up with. Vintage cake toppers are also a lot of fun and somewhat eco-friendly too! Check out this vintage "cowboy and little lady" cake topper form Orange and Blossom!


miss fancy pants (the bride) said...

Oh, they're both so adorable. Love the owls.

April said...

I'm starting to think I'm not very original as all my ideas keep showing up in other places. ;) My cake is a combo of these two...two ceramic birds (from Etsy) will be on top in a little nest, and the cake stand is being made out of an old pine tree by some friends of my parents who own a sawmill. :) I like the moss addition to the bottom one. Your blog is awesome, btw! We aren't doing favors either, and I've gotten a couple ideas already of places to donate in lieu of those from your site. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

@MissFancyPants - I adore the owls too! They are just too perfect on top of that cake.

@April - Sometimes the best ideas are just built upon old ones. Your cake sounds like it's going to be lovely and what an incredible unique idea for a cake stand! That is something you will cherish for years to come. We would love to share a picture of it here after your wedding! And I'm so glad you've found our blog to be a helpful resource. :)

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