Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ethically Produced Fair Trade Fashion

Leila Hafzi really knows how to wake up the senses. Her beautiful, softly flowing dresses in richly colored hues are real showstoppers. Her fashionable creations aren't just pleasing to the eye, they're also calming to the conscious. Hafzi's goal is to "introduce and represent eco and ethical trade to the fashion industry." The company produces their clothing in Nepal by employing local artisans. Furthermore, their design and production company, Nepal Productions DA, is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative.



Savoir Weddings said...

That yellow dress is cool. Like the black belt.

Machja said...

If you are looking for ethical clothing, check out these organic cotton clothes by Machja.
I can guarantee you the high quality of these eco-friendly products, since I work for this company. :)

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