Friday, December 11, 2009

Shoes That Work YOU out?

Is it ever too late to start a fitness routine? When the weather is cold and my hands feel like icicles, I am inclined to believe it's not too late, it's just too late to start now. Just as the temperature goes down, so does my motivation, and I find it much easier to simply say, "Next month! Next month I'll work out." So I was intrigued when I received a press release from Earth Shoes about their footwear with "toning, strengthening, and calorie burning attributes." Simply put, you wear the shoes, go about your day, and you'll burn more calories than if you were wearing regular shoes. I have to admit, it sounds a little fishy, but they apparently have the research to back it up. And they've got this 70% recycled biofoam cushioning in every shoe, which molds to your foot and provides "exceptional comfort."

Personally, I think their boots are pretty cute! I can't really vouch for it, but I am willing to bet they really are comfortable.

So shoes that work out for you...sorta. Now all I need is an office chair that exercises my butt, works out my arms, and lifts my boobs. hehe! Have a great weekend everyone!


Ali said...

These look so comfy, cozy! I love them :) You can never have too many boots...

Never teh Bride said...

There are some cute designs in the Earth Shoe line, but I have to admit that I tried a pair and found them incredibly awkward to wear, even after breaking them in. I didn't think the calorie burn was worth walking a little funny all day long.

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