Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Prescription For Love

I had this idea the other night. If you and your fiance were both pharmacists, or even doctors, your wedding theme could be, "A Prescription for Love". I know it's extremely corny (it probably even surpasses "extremely" and into the realm of "supremely" or something), but you could use these really cute vintage prescription store medicine bottles for your centerpieces! Eh, am I right? Available at Three Potato Four.


Caroline Ghetes said...

OMG, very original : ) Too cute!

SLY said...

I don't think its corny. I'd have fun listing the ingredients and everything else that goes on the labels. I think its cute.

Mouse said...

Ha ha ha--love it! I bet the invitations would be cool. And you could use old pharmacy labels (there are loads at Papier Valise) for paper details.

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