Thursday, October 15, 2009

Love Them Apples

Fall is here and it's apple pickin' season! I am so excited b/c I love apples. I try to eat at least one a day and since I love sugar (and apples have a lot of natural sugar in them) it's usually not that hard to do. Of course, I also try to eat at least 16 baby carrots a day... uh, that's a whole different story.

There are a few great things about apples: one, they are a fairly inexpensive fruit, two, they have a long shelf life, and three, they are easily enjoyed on the go. If you're having a Fall wedding, consider using apples in your decor, as favors, or in your cuisine. Guests will have the pleasure of taking them home or back to their hotel, which will help create minimal waste. Feeling creative? Dip them in caramel for a treat reminiscent of fairs and carnivals. Mmm...caramel apples are a delight sure to please!

Here in Georgia, we've got our own Apple festival! Want to find an apple orchard near you?

photo credits:
Top Country Living
Bottom Eddie Ross, The Future France Family


Luxury Wedding Venues said...

I did not know apples could look so good, so yummy!

The Favour Gallery said...

Great toffee apple idea, such a sweet gift for all your wedding guests.

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