Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Unique and Eco-Friendly Centerpiece Ideas

Pears on a pedestal and musings in milk glass, here are a few eco-friendly centerpiece ideas to inspire the brain. Vintage milk glass and edible centerpieces make for a great way to reduce waste and incorporate family heirlooms in your decor. My favorite is the first picture - the grain of the wood, the patterned fabric, and the rich color of red create such a lovely effect.

by Jane Flanagan

by Kimberly Shaw Graphics

by Kimberly Shaw Graphics

by Lepiaf.Geo


JLR Designs said...

Very cool the tea! Pretty and useful!

MoralesVilanova said...


kimberly shaw said...

So cool to see my milkglass pieces displaying there goodies here. What a fun post.

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