Monday, September 21, 2009

Healthy Monday: Yoga Online

Switching back to Healthy Monday today, I thought I would share a site that is my new online obsession. We all know that yoga, pilates, and meditation are an excellent way to tone up your body, work off fat, and hone your mind, but finding the time to exercise or rearranging the budget to include a gym membership isn't always in the cards. Fortunately, due to this wonderful thing we call the internet, you can now practice your downward dog in privacy, on your own schedule, and even when traveling. gives you access to an unlimited video library, full screen HD streaming, and it only costs $9.95/month! Now get those booties moving!


Aubrey said...

This is a great idea. Especially for those of us who just aren't going to get out of bed for the 6 a.m. yoga at the gym.

Judy said...

Not everyone has access to properly trained instructors. This is a wonderful idea.

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