Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sseko Designs offers women the chance to help other women.

As women, I think (most of us) are born with a shoe gene. I've never had a problem thwarting the mass consumerism gene, but when it comes to shoes, I swear my brain starts releasing happy chemicals. It must be true. After all, there are women out there who have entire closets dedicated to their shoes (no, I'm not jealous, I swear...). So I was delighted to read about Sseko Designs, a cause related, women-helping-women kind of company, whose shoes have the power to change lives. This releases happy chemicals PLUS all over good feeling!

Here's the story: In Uganda, it's customary for students to have a 9 month hiatus during secondary school and university. This is done so that they may earn money for their education, but in this male dominated, war torn country, young woman have a hard time finding fair work. Sseko Designs aims to ease this dilemma by hiring recent women graduates who wish to further their education at a university. The goal is two-fold: to provide these women with a monthly income and to contribute to the overall economic development of Uganda.


seo company said...

Aw! That is so cute! Aside from having stylish sandals but you will also get to help the Uganda women.

Global city condo said...

Help support this charity work, and have 3 times good karma…it’s all worth it.

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