Friday, July 24, 2009

Love to Peony::Love

I'm so excited for Peony::Love's Amanda, who recently got married on the Oregon coast. Although I don't get enough time to scour other wedding inspired blogs these days, I always enjoyed visiting hers. This gal tells it like it is and she isn't afraid to be herself, and you've got to at least be curious about a girl who had a pet rat as a teenager. She kept her wedding low key, with few vendors, thrifted milk glass vases, pink vodka lemonade, homemade cakes, and expired polaroids. Gotta love it! Head on over to East Side Bride to get a more behind the scenes look from Amanda herself. (More info and pictures can be seen at A Practical Wedding.)

Pictures from A Practical Wedding and East Side Bride.


Amanda said...

Awww, yes! You are the sweetest!

Because I've always loved you Jennifer:

(if you are bored and want a good chuckle, the outtakes are my favs)

Amanda ( said...

love this wedding! that short lace A.B.S dress was a long obsession of mine. said...

What a great, great blog!! So many inspirational ideas...
please let me know if you like my blog as well (in beta) & you'd like to trade links!
:) Candy

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