Monday, June 22, 2009

Healthy Monday: Quick And Simple Ways to Stay Healthy at the Office

It can be easy to neglect a daily workout due to time constraints, illness, or maybe your just sick of watching that 70 year old guy kick your ass in aerobics. Whatever the case, if you don't always have time for a complete workout, try a few of these simple, at-your-office ways to burn calories and stay healthy.

1.) Rather than e-mail your boss or coworker, walk to their office and tell them in person.

2.) Bring a healthy lunch to work and use the time you would have spent waiting at a restaurant to shop or run errands.

3.) Take a break and exercise for 15 minutes by doing a brisk walk outside. If you can do this for just four days, you've already added an hour of exercise to your week.

4.) Try stretching at your desk. To stretch your hamstrings, stand, bend your right knee and shift your weight as if to sit back, straightening your left leg, heel on the ground, and lifting your toes. Hold for 20 seconds; switch legs.

(source and photo credit: Shape Magazine)

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