Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Natural Jewelry Cleaner

When you first pop that engagement ring on your finger, it's hard not to stare at how amazingly shiny it is. You try to go about your daily business, but you suddenly find your e-mail is riddled with typos because you were busy looking at your ring, not the screen. Or perhaps you're at the local market, purchasing some zucchini. As your hand reaches your wallet, the light catches your ring and you find yourself incapacitated and you stand there dumbstruck. The cashier mistakes your expression for a mild seizure, but really you're just in awe. All of this is normal, but if you ever find yourself drooling, you might want to seek help.

Unfortunately, the shininess will start to dull and as with anything you wear every day, it will inevitably get dirty. Most jewelers will clean your wedding rings for free, but considering that can be an inconvenience, it's good to have some at-home jewelry cleaning solution on hand too. I've never tried the above product, but if it delivers what it promises (no hazardous ingredients and great for those with sensitive skin and allergies), it gets an A+ in my book. Enviro-Rite Allergen Free Natural Jewelry Cleaner.

P.S. I have no idea why they have on the photo. Kill Dirt doesn't seem to offer this product, but I suppose if you want to kill some dirt, you now know what site to visit.
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