Friday, February 27, 2009

Green Wedding Photography

Today I'm sharing some beautiful inspiration, courtesy of Thea Dodds, founder of Authentic Eye Photography (based in New Hampshire) and co-founder of Greener Photography. Authentic Eye offers 10% off when you choose two green vendors for your wedding. *hint hint - is an Authentic Eye approved green vendor! :)

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.


Color Me Green said...

Do you mind linking to where i can find those photos of John & Katy's wedding on the Authentic Eye Photography website? I love them and would like to see more of that wedding, but couldn't find them on her website. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Hey Color Me Green! Thea actually e-mailed these photos to me. Check out her website to get her e-mail - she can probably tell you more about it and possibly share more pictures.

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